Metal and Hardcore Graphics – Extreme Artworks From the Underworld

Now available in the U.S. Metal and Hardcore Graphics: Extreme Artworks From the Underworld, edited by Cristian Campos and available through The Book Depository.  An exhaustive compendium (awesome coffee table book) of current metal and hardcore artists with fantastic reproductions of artwork, album covers, logos, t-shirt art, flyers and photographs that capture the design zeitgeist in metal and hardcore. Over 500 pages of pure pleasure for the metal enthusiast!  Look for Coby Ellison’s prints in the Artworks section, as well as a full-page print in Album Covers of And Their Masters Bled for Days, cover for The Lion’s Daughter and Fister (split).  Prints by Holy Mountain Printing of And Their Masters Bled for Days are available.  Please inquire through